Scoping Improvement Projects: An Agnostic Model

Just because someone is “good with tools”, you wouldn’t hand him a fancy new wrench and tell him to “build somethin'” without plans or prints.

Regardless of what improvement tool you use – Lean, Six Sigma, whatever – you still need a blueprint for your engagement. This three-phase model will help you scope, plan, and execute your initiative, no matter what color your Belt is. Continue reading Scoping Improvement Projects: An Agnostic Model

What’s the Objective II: Of Projects and Process

‘Teaching to the test’ may be a crap way to run a school, but letting employees know what gets an ‘A’ is both efficient and effective.

Setting clear objectives – when launching a project or designing a business process – is a winning idea. Here are some quick questions to check your thinking.

(Part Two of Two) Continue reading What’s the Objective II: Of Projects and Process

Designing Internal Measures

Being able to check and track the quality of work before passing it on is a cornerstone of both continuous improvement efforts and ‘getting it right the first time’. Knowing the ‘leading indicators’ of success also saves a lot of time and heartache.

Here are some things to consider when creating a method to measure success – before the work is complete. Continue reading Designing Internal Measures

Preparing for Stronger Regulations

Preparing an organization for change – whether internally driven or mandated by external influences – combines the tools of project management, problem-solving, and good decision-making.

This appeared in ‘Industry Weekly’ following heated conversations as American companies prepared for the Food Safety Modernization Act in 2013. Continue reading Preparing for Stronger Regulations