Scoping Improvement Projects: An Agnostic Model

Just because someone is “good with tools”, you wouldn’t hand him a fancy new wrench and tell him to “build somethin'” without plans or prints.

Regardless of what improvement tool you use – Lean, Six Sigma, whatever – you still need a blueprint for your engagement. This three-phase model will help you scope, plan, and execute your initiative, no matter what color your Belt is. Continue reading Scoping Improvement Projects: An Agnostic Model

What’s the Objective II: Of Projects and Process

‘Teaching to the test’ may be a crap way to run a school, but letting employees know what gets an ‘A’ is both efficient and effective.

Setting clear objectives – when launching a project or designing a business process – is a winning idea. Here are some quick questions to check your thinking.

(Part Two of Two) Continue reading What’s the Objective II: Of Projects and Process

Talkin’ Bout the Squished Generation

The piece in Sunday’s NYT – “I’m Not Texting, I’m Taking Notes” – managed to push every one of my (analog) buttons. Punks with no experience – and even fewer good ideas – have invaded our cubies and want to take over, NOW.

Naturally, I know exactly what must be done to move forward. But how did we end up like this? How have we destroyed the Organization? Some thoughts… Continue reading Talkin’ Bout the Squished Generation

Designing Internal Measures

Being able to check and track the quality of work before passing it on is a cornerstone of both continuous improvement efforts and ‘getting it right the first time’. Knowing the ‘leading indicators’ of success also saves a lot of time and heartache.

Here are some things to consider when creating a method to measure success – before the work is complete. Continue reading Designing Internal Measures

Preparing for Stronger Regulations

Preparing an organization for change – whether internally driven or mandated by external influences – combines the tools of project management, problem-solving, and good decision-making.

This appeared in ‘Industry Weekly’ following heated conversations as American companies prepared for the Food Safety Modernization Act in 2013. Continue reading Preparing for Stronger Regulations